Many NBA fans watch the game to take in the excitement and athleticism, but they watch basketball most of all to watch their team succeed. Each team’s fan base would assert that it has the most devoted following in the league, whether it be the Boston Celtics’ thrilling rise to prominence in the Eastern Conference or the Western Conference’s struggle for supremacy between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets.

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Is that actually the case, though? Is it feasible that teams with a higher win total have more devoted supporters, or are there certain teams who consistently lose that have devoted supporters? To determine which teams can legitimately stake a claim to being the best at supporting their squad to victory, we looked at all of the league’s teams. Which teams have the most devoted fans? Which are supported by the most attractive fair-weather admirers? See how your squad does by reading on!

The Most Devoted Followers

The Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Chicago Bulls look to be the NBA clubs with the most ardent supporters. But why precisely are the fan bases of these clubs so devoted? It’s difficult to tell for sure, but Warriors supporters are devoted due to their championship victories, but Bulls supporters continue to attend games even when the team is having difficulties off the court.

Do the statistics back up the claim that certain clubs have the most passionate fans? Absolutely! Despite their team’s lack of recent postseason success, the Kings’ fans continue to be devoted, while the Lakers have the seventh-highest attendance rate. The Spurs have a devoted following.

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Effect Of Stadium Capacity

The stadium’s capacity places a restriction on the number of spectators that may attend a game, which has a big effect on attendance numbers. Teams like the Atlanta Hawks, Denver Nuggets, and Sacramento Kings have trouble attracting fans since there aren’t enough seats. The United Centre isn’t completely full because the Bulls haven’t claimed a title in a long. The Toyota Centre has adequate room for the Houston Rockets, but the prohibitively expensive tickets are making it difficult for fans to attend games.

A vital indicator of fan support and popularity is the average NBA attendance, and stadium capacity has a big impact on that number. More fans will likely watch teams with huge stadium capacity than those without. The average attendance at the same facility can be impacted by factors like the average ticket cost and ticket sales. These factors might help to show which teams’ fans truly support them. At superb nba store we have designed your favorite player jackets for you. 

The Presence On Social Networks

Having a strong social media presence is crucial for NBA teams since it may help them draw more attention to their brand, which may lead to more fans and income. A number of clubs, like the Heat, Lakers, Bulls, Warriors, and others, have total influence over the social media scene. Social media is a fantastic tool for teams to promote themselves and grow their following. It’s a great way to communicate with followers and submit content fast and easily.

However, despite having among of the lowest fan bases in the league and being in the bottom half of teams, the Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards appear to be lagging behind when it comes to social media.

Due to the ability to interact with fans and reach a wider audience, NBA clubs may tremendously benefit from having a social media presence. Social media interaction allows teams to forge strong bonds with their fans that might increase support and loyalty. Teams may interact with their fan base on social media by publishing content, promoting their brand, and holding giveaways or competitions. Because it can be used to notify followers of team news and successes, social media is a great tool for keeping fans informed and engaged.

Manifesting Team Pride

Wearing team clothing is a great way to show your allegiance to your preferred NBA team and your feeling of community. More than a fifth of all purchases throughout the 2017–18 season were Golden State Warriors jerseys, making them the most popular. With almost 10% of sales, the Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys were also quite popular. The most popular team jerseys show how popular the team and its players are among the general population.

When your team is winning, you may anticipate seeing more supporters wearing their apparel. This correlation between team performance and fan spending on team gear demonstrates how loyal NBA fans are to their teams.

Wearing team gear is undoubtedly the most popular method for NBA fans to express their support for their favorite teams. It not only demonstrates their dedication to the group, but it may also aid in the group’s ascension in the sporting arena. For instance, the Chicago Bulls’ first championship victory in 1991 contributed to the league’s emergence as a dominant force in American sports.

By purchasing tickets to games and attending playoff appearances, fans can further display their club loyalty. For instance, the United Centre in Chicago is renowned for having one of the NBA’s most fervent fan following. Loyal NBA fans are always willing to demonstrate their love for their team, whether it be Michael Jordan’s Bulls, the Atlanta Hawks, or the Portland Trail Blazers.

True Team Loyalty

It’s not only about the victories; it’s also about the pride and fervor that come with supporting an NBA club. The success of a team and the satisfaction of its supporters depend on team loyalty. When supporters exhibit unwavering love and support for their teams, no matter what, it is an indication of real loyalty.

The Boston Celtics are a good example. During a game, Celtics supporters exhibited their fervor for Kobe, and Mike Bibby even criticized them for being bandwagons. Because of this, they have the most ardent fan following. The Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers also boast among of the NBA’s most devoted fan bases. These three teams demonstrate that their fans’ devotion for their particular teams is everlasting, although other teams may see drops in fan loyalty during difficult times.

The NBA’s most important component is loyalty. Attending games, wearing team gear, and promoting their teams on social media are all ways that fans express their devotion to their favorite team. No of how highly their team is regarded by other teams, true supporters won’t abandon ship and switch to fair-weather supporters. These three teams serve as the ideal illustrations of how a team’s fan base must be devoted in order for it to be successful and bring pleasure to its supporters.


Arena attendance, social media following sales are the three main metrics for assessing how loyal a team’s support is. Professor Michael Lewis and the Emory Marketing Analytics Centre examined a variety of marketing variables, including income, attendance, social media, and road attendance, to determine the fan loyalty rankings for each NBA franchise.

They kept track of arena attendance by calculating the typical attendance for each game and rating it on a scale of 0 to 1. The number of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook fans was tallied, and the following was graded on a scale from 0 to 1. Additionally, the sale of jerseys was graded on a scale of 0 to 1, with 1 representing a team.

By taking into account average stadium attendance, social media followings, the overall fan loyalty rankings for each NBA franchise were determined. All NBA teams were ranked using this algorithm on a scale of 0 to 1 for each criterion that comprised a category. Possible scores for categories, which comprised many elements, ranged from 0 to 3.

On a scale of 0 to 1, NBA teams were rated based on their average arena attendance. That figure contributed positively to their overall loyalty score. On a scale of 0 to 1, NBA clubs were graded based on their social media following. Each of the three components that made up the social media rating—Twitter followers, Instagram followers, and Facebook fans—was subjected to our ranking system. This score contributed well to the overall loyalty score.

Finally, NBA teams were rated based on their position in terms of average sales on a scale from 0 to 1. Utilizing internal sales data from January 2017 through December 2017, We generated this average. A team that sold the most received a score of 1. The overall loyalty ranking score, along with the scores for the other two categories, included this scale score.

Loyalty Is Priceless

Winning isn’t everything when it comes to maintaining team loyalty. Rooting for teams like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, or Miami Heat isn’t just a matter of team spirit; it’s a source of pride – whether that means attending the games in person, keeping up with your favorite players or clubs online, or referring to yourself as one of their most devoted fans. If being loyal entails representing your team everywhere you go.

Most Following Teams

Some athletes are more visible online than others, and their social media activity may be enhancing their team’s online exposure.

LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Dwayne Wade, and James Harden all have millions of Instagram followers on their own, and their fan bases may be assisting their teams in growing their followings on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kobe Bryant is no stranger to defying the odds; there aren’t many professional athletes who can boast an Oscar nomination on their résumé. Though Bryant may have played his last game in 2016, his legacy endures as experts continue to disagree over where Bryant stands among the all-time greats. The Los Angeles Lakers may have the most active social media following in the NBA as a result of all the hype. The Lakers haven’t won the Finals since 2010, but with more than 22 million Facebook fans, 7 million Twitter followers, and over 4 million Instagram followers, they’re dominating the social media scene.

The Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, and Chicago Bulls all achieved comparable results, garnering them top rankings while other teams were outclassed. With around 3 million followers across different social media platforms, the Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards, and Utah Jazz completed the bottom three.

Who Has the Less Devoted NBA Fans?

The New Orleans Pelicans (23.94) are the team with the least ardent followers at the other end of our fan devotion index. The Pelicans have the second-worst follower growth on social media since October 2021 and the second-worst fan interaction on social media, with just 0.20% of fans engaging with them throughout the regular season.

However, with a supporter index score of 25.76, Oklahoma City Thunder supporters aren’t doing much better. but their terrible performance, the club did have very solid home attendances, earning them the NBA’s third-highest game day devotion score (56), but having the second-worst average away attendance (87.2%) in the entire league.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is evident that organizations with long histories of success and devoted fan bases tend to have the strongest fan bases. Their attendance, social media presence, and sales of gear like all attest to their success.

True team loyalty is demonstrated by enthusiastic supporters who never fail to express their support when a team is having trouble. Our understanding of what constitutes a fervent fan base has improved because to the study that Professor Lewis and the Emory Marketing Analytics Centre undertook to assess NBA fans’ devotion.

Success, a close bond between the club and its supporters, and an engaged neighborhood are what matter in the end. No other city better exemplifies this than Boston, Los Angeles, and Miami.


Who in the NBA has the largest fan base?

With the greatest attendance for the 2022–23 season and the largest facility in terms of capacity, the Chicago Bulls have the most committed supporters in the NBA. They undoubtedly have the largest fan following in the league.

Why are NBA fans significant?

Without its devoted supporters, the NBA would not be what it is today. Fans provide excitement to every game, whether it’s through supporting their preferred team, singing the national anthem, or simply observing the action. Many of the amazing moments wouldn’t seem as unique without that enthusiasm. The NBA’s popularity is greatly influenced by its fans.