Basketball numbers for attendance have declined the last couple of years for most clubs due to the still-fragile economy. There are presently nine clubs who fail to consistently fill 80% of their respective venues. At NBA online store, you will find your favorite nba jackets. 

The Philadelphia 76ers hold the poorest attendance record in the NBA, filling up the pitiful Wells Fargo Centre to only 68.1 percent of its capacity. Near the very bottom, Philadelphia is joined by Detroit, Atlanta, and Minnesota.

But enough with the unfavorable remarks. Let’s move on to the teams who regularly have packed houses of fervent supporters.

The Loyalist Supporters

The Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Chicago Bulls look to be the NBA clubs with the most ardent supporters. But why precisely are the fan bases for these clubs so devoted? It’s difficult to tell for sure, but Warriors supporters are devoted because of their championship victories, but Bulls supporters continue to attend games even when the club isn’t doing well off the court.

Do the numbers support the assertion that these teams have the most devoted supporters? Absolutely! The Kings’ supporters remain faithful despite the team’s lack of recent postseason success, while the Lakers have the seventh-highest attendance percentage. The Spurs have a fervent fan base.

It comes as no surprise that these teams have been so successful throughout the years given the overwhelming evidence that their supporters are the most ardent and devoted.

Stadium Capacity’s Effect

The number of fans who may attend the game is limited by the capacity of the stadium, which has a significant impact on attendance statistics. Due to a lack of seats, teams like the Atlanta Hawks, Denver Nuggets, and Sacramento Kings struggle to draw spectators. The Bulls haven’t won a championship in a while, so the United Centre isn’t filled to capacity. While the Houston Rockets have enough of space in the Toyota Centre, attendance is suffering as a result of the exorbitant ticket costs.

The average NBA attendance is a key indicator of fan support and popularity, and stadium capacity plays a significant role in deciding that figure. Teams with large stadium capacities are likely to draw more spectators than those without. Things like the average ticket price and ticket sales can have an impact on the average attendance in the same facility. These elements may assist reveal the genuine fan support and allegiance of each team.

The Social Network Presence

For NBA teams, having a great social media presence is essential since it may help them attract more attention to their brand, which could result in more fans and revenue. The Heat, Lakers, Bulls, Warriors, and other teams have complete control of the social media landscape. A excellent approach for teams to spread the word about themselves and gain popularity is through social media. It’s an excellent method to interact with followers and quickly and simply post stuff.

Manifesting Team Pride

Wearing team gear is a terrific way to demonstrate your support for your favorite NBA team and your sense of unity. The Golden State Warriors jerseys were the most popular during the 2017–18 season, accounting for more than a fifth of all purchases. The Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys were equally popular, with roughly 10% of sales. The best-selling team jerseys demonstrate how well-liked the team and its players are among the general public.

You can expect that there will be more fans wearing their stuff while your team is winning. This link between club success and fan expenditure on team swag shows how devoted NBA supporters are to their squads.

No.1: Boston Celtics

You already know that the Celtics have the most fervent fan base in the NBA, so I don’t need to provide attendance figures or percentages. Sorry Laker supporters, but Boston has the most illustrious history in the league and has won 17 titles.

Due to the franchise’s long history of success, its followers span in age from the very young to the very elderly. Many outstanding athletes have sported a Celtic. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett are the current three. The NBA suffers when the Celtics are bad.

Although the Celtics no longer play at the Garden, the atmosphere from the Garden has carried over to TD Garden. Boston is also among the NBA’s scariest cities to play in. The crowd isn’t hesitant to jeer players, make up witty chants, or get a bit crazy.  When it comes to having the best supporters in the league, nobody surpasses Boston.

No. 2: Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are adored by Chicagoans. And this year, Bulls supporters had the highest average attendance in the league. Bulls supporters have united behind this team because of Derrick Rose, who is carrying the franchise, and the excellent players that surround him. Superb nba store has designed a unique Chicago Bulls jackets to enhance your sporty look. 

Every home game is attended by a sold-out United Centre. The crowd is always engaged in the game and paying close attention to what is happening. Chicagoans are passionate about their sports teams, and unlike baseball, where there are two Chicago clubs, the Bulls are the focus of the whole city.

The Bulls became what they are now because to Michael Jordan, but the supporters also deserve a lot of credit for sticking by the club even after he was long gone.

No. 3: New York Knicks

One of the most renowned sports venues in the world, if not the most renowned, is Madison Square Garden. It definitely is a great site to watch a game because of the history that has occurred there.

After years of discouraging losing seasons, Knicks supporters are desperate for a winner. The Knicks have returned with the arrival of Amar’e Stoudemire. Additionally, the support for a Knicks squad hasn’t been this intense in years.

This season, the matchup between New York and Boston and Miami in the same week demonstrated how fervently the supporters support their club. There was a playoff vibe in the crowded building.

The NBA is considerably better off when one of the most die-hard fan bases has a meaningful team to root for, so it’s excellent that the Knicks are competitive once more.

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No. 4: Dallas Mavericks

I believe the image above adequately captures how Mavs supporters feel about their basketball team. Over the past ten years, the Mavs have consistently played in the playoffs and had one of the most boisterous fan crowds.

With an impressive 103.8 percent of the venue occupied for games at the moment, Dallas now leads the NBA. The most sought-after ticket in Dallas is still to be found at Mark Cuban’s club.

Few owners can claim to speak for their fan base, but Dallas’s Cuban does so; at every home game, he sits in the stands among the supporters wearing Mavs gear. Cuban is the most ardent Mavs supporter there is. But despite how boisterous he may be during games, he is accompanied by 19, 924 other spectators who also contribute a lot of excitement to the venue.

No. 5: Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs supporters have persisted in backing the neighborhood team despite LeBron James leaving town and moving to South Beach to join up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Cleveland is currently experiencing a terrible season that is unlikely to improve anytime soon.

The Cavaliers, though, are packing Quicken Loans Arena as though LeBron is still in town. In terms of body count, Cleveland is second in the NBA in terms of average attendance. This season, there have been precisely 20,562 fans per Cavs game, which matches last year’s total. 

The 8-32 Cavaliers would only draw the craziest, most devoted supporters. If there was any doubt about Ohioans’ fanaticism, it may now be dispelled. After LeBron left, Dan Gilbert must now figure out how to assemble a basketball club that is once again competitive.

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No. 6: Portland Trail Blazers

The Rose Garden is frequently packed with Trail Blazer supporters rooting for their team. Over the previous three seasons, the Blazers have filled the Rose Garden at a rate of 102%. The Portland crowd continues to attend games even though the team’s star player Brandon Roy hasn’t been on the floor very much this season.

That demonstrates a devoted following. Instead of passively watching on TV at home, the supporters are boisterous and actively engage in the game. Portland currently has an 8-15 record overall but a 13-5 record at home. This season, the Blazers have struggled to play games away from Rose Garden. But at least they are confident that their home crowd will be there to support them.

No. 7: Oklahoma City Thunder

At Thunder games, the energy is always high. You would adore OKC if you are a huge admirer of the atmosphere around college basketball. Since the team relocated from Seattle, the community has embraced it wholeheartedly. Regardless of how you feel about the entire situation, Seattle losing its team is not the fault of the Thunder supporters.

The Thunder often fill 99.6% of their venue, which is not surprising given the quality of the flooring. There isn’t a better team to support for the upcoming ten years than the one led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

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During the playoff games versus the Lakers the year before, the supporters shown how devoted they are to this club. They didn’t play like an eighth seed in the first round of the playoffs; they played with the enthusiasm and support you’d expect from a club that’s in the hunt for a title. As the Thunder develop into a more well-known club, Thunder supporters are likely to move up this list over time.

No. 8: Utah Jazz

Jazz enthusiasts are amazing. They regularly fill the stadium to cheer on a squad that always appears to be missing just one component to be a legitimate contender. However, it hasn’t prevented them from appearing. 

Players frequently discuss how difficult it is to play in Utah and how much the Jazz benefit from playing in their facility. With playoffs excluded, the Jazz amassed an amazing 102-21 record in the confines of Energy Solutions Arena from the 2007–08 season to the previous one.

Utah has already dropped a rather astonishing seven games at home this season, but they have managed to counteract that with an excellent 12-6 away record. Jazz supporters are among the scariest crowds for rival teams because they are boisterous, passionate about the team, and belligerent.

No. 9: Orlando Magic

The Magic’s attendance has increased significantly since their move to the Amway Centre, which is not entirely unexpected. Orlando is already 2.2 percent above capacity, demonstrating how many people want to see the new facilities.

Even while it helps, Magic fans aren’t only attending because of the venue. The Magic ended their final season in Amway venue with 100 percent of the venue filled each night, demonstrating how much the fan base adores its basketball team.

Orlando has a strong squad on the court and ardent spectators to cheer them on. If you own a team, there isn’t much more you could ask for.

No. 10: Los Angles Lakers

You might be asking why the Lakers are ranked so low after consistently fielding one of the top basketball teams. Do not misunderstand me; LA adores the Lakers; they are their team. But unlike other groups, the supporters don’t consistently bring it.

Perhaps it’s the pleasant weather all year long or the large number of celebrities that attend the games, but there’s always a relaxed, carefree vibe at a Laker game. It contributes to LA’s greatness as a city. The pleasant weather, the people, and the abundance of things to do contribute to the relaxed environment.

Since Kobe and company typically advance far in the playoffs, Lakers supporters don’t revel in victories the same way other fan groups do. For Laker fans, the regular season is more of a spectacle, but the postseason is when they start to care.