Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions NBA Store

We’ll offer you a brief rundown of our guests’ terms and conditions in this part. Our customer was required to follow these Superb jackets nba store rules.


We at Superb jackets nba store have the right to alter and amend these guidelines at any moment.

Property Rights Disclaimer:

of the current material, design, graphics, photos, logos, and clips on Superb jackets nba store are owned by or licensed to superb jackets nba store. Copywriting laws and the use of information, images, or other content are also how this site was found.


Visitors are not allowed to sell, reuse, publish, alter, or upload any content that is posted to nba store. The content that is posted on the website with the intention of profiting personally or for non-commercial purposes is likewise prohibited.

Website Content:

The nba store staff is free to produce, modify, or upload any information connected to prices, content, photos, or descriptions on the website without giving previous warning. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the product, he and she is free to return it in accordance with the return and exchange policy, which may very well be included adjustment whether affirming the request.

Sale's Agreement

The steps that nba store take while processing a request are as follows. For example, the customer’s personal information must be completed, the financial information must be verified by a dealer (we do not keep the financial information of customers’ debit/credit card), the item must be created, and the shipment must be delivered on schedule.


For any reason, including but not limited to problems with payment processing, website maintenance, material unavailability, description mistakes, irate customer behavior, or suspicious transactions, we retain the right to refuse to complete any purchase.


We make it simple for our customers to conduct business in several currencies. For instance, we were paid in both dollars and euros.


However, you can pick either of these to pay with (USD is recommended), and your card issuer will charge you in your home currency depending on the current exchange rate if you choose to be billed in a currency other than these two.


Our prices are subject to change without prior notice, and we have the right to incorporate any discount or promotional offer at any moment.

Taxes and Import Duties:

No additional charges, such as import taxes or duties, are included in the prices stated on nba store. This is the responsibility of the buyer. You should get in touch with the shipping and delivery departments for additional details.

Links to Other Websites:

Although Superb jackets nba store may link to other websites, we do not own other websites, thus we cannot be held responsible for their content or its endorsement.

Method for Payment

The online payment to us was made using debit and credit cards from Visa and MasterCard.

Reviews, Comments, or Visitors' Ratings

All feedback, including reviews and comments, supplied in line with how the website is used becomes the property of Superb jackets nba store. We are thus free to use this information anyway we see appropriate without having to pay compensation or reply.


The visitor certifies that they are above 13 by giving us this information. Their post is authentic and belongs to them. No one or anything will be damaged by the content they supply, and it won’t be in violation of our terms and conditions. They certify that they are not violating any third-party rights, including those to privacy, intellectual property, or other rights of a like nature, by posting comments on our website.

Nothing Exempt

if you violate these terms while we stay silent about it. This suggests that you have authorized the use of our rights in contravention of our agreements.

Governmental Regulation, Dispute Resolution, And Jurisdiction

Each and every one of the strategies will be represented in the US’s interpretation of the accords. However, in the event that there is a dispute between the buyer and Superb jackets nba store that cannot be settled amicably, the parties agree that any controversy arising out of or in connection with these Terms & Conditions, including any matter regarding its validity or termination, may be finally resolved through binding mediation.

The site shall be governed by aand construed in accordance with US law in the case of any dispute or claim pertaining to Superb jackets nba store. The United States is where we were born. It is against the law for anybody under the age of 18 to register as a User, use the Superb jackets nba store website, or do transactions there.

The information you must input to pay for our services and goods on Superb jackets nba store will be forwarded securely to our payment provider. They must maintain a copy of the cardholder’s transaction history as well as the merchant’s policies and guidelines.

Free Shipping

On purchases above $99, we provide free shipping.

Help with Online Chat

For any questions, use our online chat support facility.

Return Procedure

You have 30 days to return a damaged item to the seller.

Safe Payment

Because we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Debit Cards, your payment will be secure.

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